Success Story - South Karelia Hospital District – Eksote

VideoVisit and Eksote have been co-operating since 2017. The primary target for collaboration is to develop remote home care services to support Eksote’s own targets on streamlining its elderly care services.

The need to introduce and develop virtual care emerged from Eksote’s home care, where existing resources were seen as insufficient to serve the growing number of clients. In addition, the development of digital services is one of Eksote’s key projects. Today Eksote utilizes VideoVisit® HOME remote care
service in home care and informal care services, as well as in rehabilitation services.
Within a few years Eksote has become one of the leading remote care service providers in the Finnish public healthcare system. Every month Eksote operates over 10 000 remote home care visits, adding close to 200 000 € monthly savings on operational expenses.
The results achieved with remote home care have been extremely remarkable for Eksote’s elderly care services. The CEO of Eksote, Mr. Pentti Itkonen describes the importance of remote home care as:

• In five years, the home is the safest place for the elderly and services can be organized in a new way.
• It is essential to focus on rehabilitation, and for that digital technology brings new opportunities.
• The number of elderly people is increasing, but the prediction that the number of staff would increase at the same time is not correct. Digitalization of care services, especially remote care will reduce the need for nurses.
• One virtual nurse is able to make at least 20 virtual visits in the morning and over 40 in the evening. Remote visits can reduce the number of physical visits, especially if the approach is rehabilitative.

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